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Get a Productivity Boost Through Mental, Physical, and Emotional Care

Posted by Brian Spence on Sep 9, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Productivity, Well-Being, Self-Improvement, Work-Life BalanceWhen it comes to productivity, many people turn to various tools that can help with minimizing distractions (such as a Facebook blocker). And while many of them can be helpful, most don't get to the root of the problem: why we are unproductive in the first place. In reality, feeling like a productive individual is predominantly drawn from our own physical, mental, and emotional balance.

Here are a few tactics that will help you be more productive and create a more focused and balanced work flow.

  1. Forget multi-tasking and manage distractions. A lot of us believe that multi-tasking makes us more productive, but in reality, it wears down our mental focus and can actually slow us down overall. By sticking to one project at a time, we can improve our productivity. In turn, you'll need to manage the things that distract you: whether it's getting caught up in emails first thing in the morning or letting others around you keep you from your work. You can and should keep track of what keeps you away from your work and create strategies to impede their influence. For example, putting your personal phone on "do not disturb" during work hours, or only checking your email for one hour each day, will help you save your energy for the more important activities you have on your plate.

  2. Eat healthy and exercise. For many of us, our lack of focus can come from a feeling of restlessness or a plunge in energy. Many of us use caffeine or sugary drinks and snacks as our quick fix. But really, that can cause our body to crash, decrease our focus, and also make us feel too wired to work. Instead, focus on eating healthier and incorporate exercise: the work outs will give you a better base of endurance and energy, while healthy foods will regulate your body and prime it for better focus.

  3. Focus on positive results and feedback. If you find yourself anxious about your work (to the point where you avoid it out of fear), it can be helpful to think beyond those dreadful "what if" questions and instead shift your thoughts to positive ones. By thinking about your work more positively, and seeking positive feedback from coworkers and employers, you can create a better, emotional atmosphere for getting work done.

Getting more productive means getting all aspects of your health on track. By focusing on your health, you'll find yourself with improved energy, mental clarity, and stress-free work. For more information on this and related topics, visit the Productivity or Self-Improvement sections of our blog.

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