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Foundation Connects Adults with Developmental Disabilities with Jobs

Posted by Brian Spence on Jun 15, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Developmental Disabilities, Behavioral HealthLess than 20 percent of disabled adults are employed according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Fly Brave Foundation, a nonprofit based in Sacramento, California, exists to create bridges to employment for adults with developmental disabilities who have aged out of the school system.

Adapting to Challenging Times

Much of Fly Brave's work has revolved around giving these adults opportunities to develop soft career skills through workshops, social classes, and volunteering in their community. However, Fly Brave also hosts events to make direct connections between employers and potential hires. Since Fly Brave's programs cannot be held in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the nonprofit continues its work with virtual classes and events.

Virtual Seminar to Highlight Job Seeker Skills

Fly Brave has an upcoming Zoom webinar to connect employers to job seekers. Local companies have been invited to meet 10 job seekers who have received training as participants in Fly Brave programs. Each job hunter will have the opportunity to speak and present their unique skills.

A recent ABC10 news story previewed the job seminar. The spot featured three job seekers and illustrated Fly Brave has a talented job pool. Participating employers will be introduced to job hunters like Natalie Fanzoia. She loves fashion and gained retail experience during a job at EcoThrift. While she'd love to work in the fashion industry, she's also interested in office jobs.

Some job seekers, like artists Jason Guillaume and Saul Vincente, will display a portfolio of their work to give hiring organizations an idea of they're capabilities. Guillaume is a comic artist and an aspiring screenwriter. Vincente, a recent high school graduate, wants to pursue a career in art, animation, and video editing.

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