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Father Creates Allied Health Mobile Therapy for Children and Parents

Posted by Brian Spence on Feb 23, 2018 8:00:00 AM

Allied Health, Speech Therapy, Occupational TherapyIn the early days of modern medicine, doctors made house calls. They visited the patient's house to assess, diagnose, and treat the patient – all from the comfort of home. Today, there are plenty of traveling nurses and allied health professionals who help patients in their own home. But what about mobile therapies for children?

Speech, occupational, physical, and behavioral therapies are crucial for children who need extra help. When intervention starts early, deficiencies and problems can be corrected before they become bigger problems.

Mobile therapists are able to observe, diagnose, and treat a child in a familiar environment. Often, this is better for the child and the therapist because, when a child is in a familiar environment, the therapist gets a chance to see behaviors that aren't typically displayed in a clinical office. It provides an opportunity to catch and treat problems that might otherwise go undetected.

One of the most important benefits of mobile therapy is the flexibility it provides for parents. Most therapy offices are open for limited hours during the day, and as a result, many parents have to take time off work to get to those appointments. Mobile therapists, however, travel to the child's home, school, or daycare to provide services, so the parent doesn't have to miss work and suffer a loss of income. In addition, the therapist gets a chance to see the child interact with his peers within a familiar social setting. This allows them to make more accurate diagnoses, but it also gives them the freedom to tailor treatment options so that they include real-world situations.

Eleven years ago, Jason Newman needed to find a speech therapist for his 16-month-old son, but he couldn't take time off work to get his son to the appointments. That spurred him to create Mobile Therapy Centers of America in Libertyville, Illinois. This innovative service sends certified speech, behavioral, and occupational therapists to a child's school, home, or daycare center. In the future, they hope to open more offices in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Texas.

As society becomes more mobile-oriented, maybe mobile therapists will become the standard for providing services for children. Mobile therapy benefits everyone - the therapist, the child, and the parents.

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