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Eleven Million Reasons to Say Thank You to a Social Worker

Posted by Brian Spence on Feb 18, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Social Work, Behavioral HealthFew would question the motives of social workers and those in the "helping" professions. No one leaves college and heads for a job in social services with the notion of fame, fortune and a life of luxury. It takes a certain type of dedicated spirit to choose a career in social work. One such dedicated soul was a man named Alan Naiman, who worked for the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services. He left a career in banking and spent the last twenty years of his life helping people who couldn't help themselves.

A Secret Saver

The Seattle social worker was known for being frugal. He patched his shoes with duct tape, bought his clothes at discount stores, and made a game of finding bargains. He was well-liked by his coworkers although he was famous for being fanatically thrifty. He saved money, worked numerous jobs, and never bought himself luxuries. He lived simply and invested his earnings.

There was never a question about his commitment to the people he served and that children held a special place in his heart. He was devoted to a brother with developmental disabilities. He had fostered children early in his career, and made every effort to see that vulnerable little ones were taken care of. Naiman died nearly a year ago of cancer, and he is missed by those who knew him.

Surprise Giver

But those who knew him were also mystified when they found out that he had an estate totaling more than $11 million, which included an inheritance from his parents. And true to form, children came first. He left his fortune to charities that benefit children. Of the many non-profits he helped were: a pediatric center that cares for infants born addicted to drugs, groups that provide toys and clothes to foster children, programs for horseback riding therapy, his Catholic church, and disabled American veterans, among others.

A Wonderful Example

Naiman left not only money to help others, but also an example of how to conduct a life of service and create a legacy of love for those who need it most. Hopefully, his life and generosity will be an example to follow.

Wanting to help others is a noble calling. You may not have millions to give, but your skills and talents are sought after in the Behavioral Health area. Contact us to find how you can contribute to the greater good in your career.


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