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Elder Care: Why In-Home Care Might Be the Right Choice For Your Family

Posted by Brian Spence on Oct 29, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Elder Care, Behavioral Health, Personal Care Assistant, PCADeciding how best to care for an elderly loved one is often a stressful and emotional experience for families. Many elderly people are resistant to the idea of leaving their homes for a nursing facility or an assisted living community. When faced with this situation, family members might consider in-home senior care for their loved one. While in-home elder care isn't the right choice for everyone, it can prove to be a very beneficial arrangement for many elderly people and their families.

What is in-home senior care?

Through an in-home senior care program, elderly people who need assistance are able to stay in their own homes and receive private duty nursing services. A treatment plan is formed, and the patient receives assistance with activities such as housekeeping, cooking, and hygiene-related tasks. In addition, the elderly patient is provided with companionship and even transportation to appointments and social events. Physical and occupational therapy are often included as part of the treatment plan. The goal of in-home senior care is to allow patients to continue to live on their own as part of the community and to maintain or increase their quality of life.

Why choose in-home senior care?

In-home senior care isn't a good fit for everyone. For patients that require around the clock care, other arrangements would likely be more desirable. However, for patients who can live on their own but need some assistance with daily tasks, in-home senior care can be of great benefit. Let's consider the reasons why:

  • Helps seniors maintain a sense of independence.
  • Provides personal, one-on-one care.
  • Helps keep families close together.
  • Promotes health and safety by avoiding infections picked up among chronically ill populations.
  • Allows the whole family to get involved in caring for the patient.
  • Often more affordable than other forms of senior care.
  • Improves quality of life. Seniors tend to feel more comfortable at home.
  • Relieves the anxiety and stress that is associated with moving to an unfamiliar institution.
  • Care is provided at home. For most seniors, there is simply nothing that compares to the comfort, security, and familiarity of home.

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