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Education: School Districts Turn to Staffing Agencies for Teachers

Posted by Brian Spence on Nov 9, 2015 8:00:00 AM

School, Teacher, Education, Substitute TeacherThe education industry has found itself needing to evolve with the changing times and have begun utilizing staffing agencies in order to find teachers for their schools. Currently many schools are suffering from a substitute teacher shortage.

Between the potential substitute teacher shortages and struggling budgets, schools are finding it increasingly difficult to secure reliable substitute teachers. It is expensive and time consuming to seek out new teachers, interview the candidates, and get them into the needed classrooms in a timely fashion.

Staffing agencies are proving to be excellent solutions for this problem by taking some of the work out of the school district's hands.

Staffing agencies have the ability to streamline hiring processes and have access to a much wider pool of candidates. This means that in addition to substitute teachers and full time teachers, agencies can also assist in filling openings for substitute nurses, maintenance workers, and more.

Substitute teachers who work through a staffing agency may be able to sub for multiple school districts much more easily, giving themselves a better chance at regular subbing jobs. Agencies seem to have a similar fill rate to when the districts were hiring on their own. This has caused some criticism, but regardless it still takes a lot of stress off of the schools. If they realize they will be short, districts still have a chance to pull from their own resources in order to make sure they have enough coverage.

This seems to be a new trend and there are sure to be some small glitches such as dissatisfaction with fill rates. However, as the staffing agencies grow more experienced they will find new ways to ensure they are providing the numbers that schools need.

Another issue of contention for school board members is that they are unsure of how good of a job agencies may do at vetting potential subs. However, agencies often will complete background checks, interviews, and all other criteria that a school district would use when finding their own candidates.

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