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Education: America's Oldest Teacher Proves Age is Just a Number

Posted by Brian Spence on Jan 25, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Education, Teacher, Classroom, Behavioral HealthMany people believe that as we age, we lose some abilities, such as memory, or energy to work. But when it comes to education, America's oldest teacher breaks those stereotypes: Agnes Zhelesnik works 35 hours a week in a private school in New Jersey, at the ripe age of 102 years old.

Ms. Zhelesnik has been teaching young students how to cook and sew since she was 85 years old.

Her example proves not only that you're never too old to teach, but that you're also never too old to start teaching. Known as "granny" among her students and the staff, many are happy to have her around, and she doesn't plan on stopping her lessons any time soon. Her students run the ages from pre-kindergarten to 5th grade, and she teaches straight from the school's kitchen. Her daughter--who is an art teacher at the same school--drives them both to work. The skills she teaches are ones that her students will take with them throughout their lives as they grow up into the world.

America's oldest teacher sees herself as a "natural granny," and everyone sees it and feels it. With her warmth and care for the children, everyone says that she brightens up the day, and that she's a great luxury and blessing to all. So what's her secret to living as long as she has: "Just be happy with what you're doing, you have like what you're doing."


The adorable video above shows Ms. Zelesnik talking about her students and her day, and further demonstrates how important it is to value teachers and educational staff.  If you are seeking other talented and caring individuals for your educational setting, please contact us.

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