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Does Your Social Media Photo Scream Career Potential or Disaster?

Posted by Brian Spence on May 8, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Social Media, LinkedIn Profile, Facebook Profile, Career AdviceSavvy job-hunters know that your social media presence can impact your career opportunities. Sites like LinkedIn have taken the place of traditional recruitment strategies for HR departments around the country.

You might be surprised to know that when people look at your LinkedIn profile, they aren't focused on all the resume details and job experience you have painstakingly added. Chances are, they are focused on your photo.

According to the Undercover Recruiter Infographic, "What Does Your Profile Picture Tell Employers?" "Employers spend an average of 6 seconds looking at a LinkedIn profile and 19% of that time is spent looking at the user’s profile picture.

Research suggests that it only takes 1/10 of a second for someone to form an impression about you. So make sure it’s a good one!"

That's great advice, because we all know that first impressions are important, but sometimes it can be difficult to pin down what makes a photo seem professional and engaging.  The article went on to recommend photos without distracting backgrounds or accessories. It also said that people respond better to photos where the subject's smile showed their teeth. So, no more closed mouth smiles for you. Show those pearly whites and you will come off confident and professional.

If you're not sure what your social media photo is saying about you, try adding it to and get the unbiased opinion of real people. You can submit multiple photos and see which one ranks the highest in terms of competence, likability and influence.

For more strategies for landing your dream job in the healthcare field, please contact us!  We love helping talented people connect with the right organization.

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