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Do You Say These Annoying Things to Social Workers?

Posted by Brian Spence on Jun 19, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Social WorkSocial workers help people in every age group, demographic, ethnicity, and religion all round the world. When someone dies, they're there. If an elderly person needs to enter a nursing home, they're there. If a child is with an abusive parent, they'll appear. Those in this profession are everywhere, and they're annoyed because of questions asked in conversations.

'You're Going to Work with the Poor, the Elderly, and Children?'

Not necessarily. Social workers are eager to aid anyone. The people are those who are down at that certain moment in their lives - anyone.

A middle-class father learned of his cancer and came to be depressed. He left work, and the family came into bankruptcy, forming a sorrowful atmosphere in which the children would grow. At this moment they may intervene and offer emotional support, first, to the father, so that the children won't live in this environment. She can present their case to government, and it can provide financial support. Soon the father has a job, pays the bills, and bears the disease with the whole family's support. Anyone may have this happen to him or her, and a social worker will help lift the person out of the hole.

'Are You Really Good with People?'

Not having advanced social skills (the ability to work with people), social workers would not be able to work with people. So, yes. They're good with people. It's their job.

'Aaah. Your Life Goal Is to Be Broke.'

Actually, average social worker pay is quite descent. You can check it out yourself. Anyways, they work not for pay but for their love of aiding people.

'Do Those Jobs Still Exist?'

Coal mining jobs still exist, and there isn't much coal to mine. But there live seven billion (and increasing) people on Earth. Thus, there are people to help.

Avoid these questions and social work majors won't avoid you. If you want to learn more about social work and related topics, visit the Behavioral Health section of our blog.


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