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Crush Productivity With These 3 Habits

Posted by Brian Spence on Mar 23, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Productivity, Self-ImprovementFeeling accomplished at the end of the work day is usually the goal for anyone working, but for many, it is hard goal to attain. Whether too much pops up that distracts us, or we find ways to procrastinate, we might find ourselves saying "maybe it'll be done tomorrow" instead of "done." To really find yourself accomplished by the time you clock out, boosting your productivity really comes down to creating and sticking to new habits that will allow you to focus and concentrate on your given tasks.

  1. Fight the clutter. The first step to staying focused is the make decluttering a habit. Visual clutter is unattractive, and it leaves your mind feeling like there's too much going on at once. If your desk is covered in various files, mail, books, and more, these items will inevitably grab your attention when you should be working on a current assignment. 

    You can build a habit where you keep everything organized. Spend strictly 10 minutes after work putting your things in place and clearing your desk, and make a rule to only place items where they belong. You'll find that it's easier to keep your desk neat and stop using "tidying up" as an excuse.

  2. Keep your phone off. While many people claim that their smartphone helps with productivity, most of the time it is actually a distraction. The constant notifications that pop up can keep you from staying on track with more pressing issues. Instead, turn your phone off during your work hours, only checking it at lunch or after work. If you do have to use your phone, make sure to turn off notifications for other apps, or find a program that will block time-wasters.

  3. Build your schedule according to your body. Some of us naturally feel productive in the morning, while others get a surge of inspiration in the afternoon. While you should not let your body's chemistry dictate your schedule completely, you can restructure some of your tasks accordingly. For example, if you have the most energy in the morning, work on tasks of value, that need time and concentration, right after waking up. When you're not as clear-minded, switch to tasks that are less mentally taxing, such as cleaning or routine jobs. This will allow you to prioritize important jobs when you have the energy to do them.

To learn even more habits that might help you stay productive, check out Stephanie Vozza's article over at Fast Company, or visit the Productivitysection of our blog.


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