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Create a "How-to-Work With Me" Management Guide for Your Employees

Posted by Brian Spence on Jul 10, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Management, Career AdviceMost managers strive to make a positive connection with their direct reports. Sometimes, they don't succeed. Even caring, competent managers may fail to relate well with their employees. Personality conflicts or different job-related expectations can cause these issues.

How can administrators bridge the gaps with their direct reports? Product design executive Julie Zhuo advises supervisors to create a user manual about their management style. She believes it will help executives and their direct reports communicate better.

The manual will give employees advice about their supervisor's expectations. Additionally, managers can review their work history in past manuals. They will also learn how they've changed. This process can help you improve as a professional.

Writing Your User Manual

Before creating a user manual, Zhuo says it's important for supervisors to have self- knowledge about their personality and management style. They must create a list that outlining strengths and weaknesses. Next, professionals should identify what makes them tick and how they prefer to work with employees. The administrators can delineate the factors that help them achieve peak performance on the job.

Managers can download a clean copy of Zhuo's Managerial User Guide Template here.

A User's Guide to Working With Your Management Style

Here are a few strategies supervisors can use when developing their user guide.

  1. Create an Introduction to Your Guide - In this section, outline the purpose of the user guide?
  2. Define Your View of Success - What does it mean to be a good, successful manager?
  3. Your Communication Style - Next, talk about any communication preferences and how employees should interpret them.
  4. Things that Annoy You - Zhuo advises administrators to chronicle their past on-the-job misunderstandings and their causes. Discuss traits that may annoy people.
  5. How Can Employees Gain or Lose Your Trust - Managers should tell workers about the qualities they value.
  6. Outline Your Managerial Strengths - Discuss any strengths in this section.
  7. Your Growth Areas - Zhuo recommends talking about areas they need to improve on as a manager and how workers can help them.

Additional Sections to Place in a Manager User Manual

  1. Your Expectations of Your Employees - Zhuo says managers should outline their job performance expectations.
  2. Logistics - Provide your preferred contact methods to employees how they can get advice.
  3. How to Give Feedback - Outline your feedback policy and what employees can expect.
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