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Clear Face Masks Making a Communication Difference

Posted by Brian Spence on Jun 26, 2020 1:17:53 PM

Speech Therapy, Allied Health, HealthcareWearing a face mask whenever you're in public has become at least a temporary reality for many of us. Wearing a mask might be inconvenient and may even cause you to cut your shopping short so you can take it off. For some people, though, face masks are causing problems beyond just being an inconvenience. They are causing an actual communication issue because people cannot see other people's mouths.

This problem is affecting speech therapy patients, who are unable to see their speech therapist's mouth, and therefore have a harder time knowing how to correctly form words and sounds.

Face masks are also creating an issue for those who are hard of hearing who rely on lip-reading to understand others.

Luckily, Beth Hallam, a Tennessee woman, has found a solution to this problem. Hallam, who has family members who have used speech therapy services, was already using her sewing skills to sew face masks. After hearing about the problem speech therapists at the local children's hospital were having, she decided to use her sewing skills to create face masks with a clear window over the wearer's mouth. This allows speech therapy patients and those who are hard of hearing to continue to read other people's mouths while also allowing the wearer to continue to wear a mask, keeping everyone a little safer while also encouraging better communication.

Of course, there's another benefit to these face masks with a clear window. It's a lot easier to see when someone's smiling at you when you can see the person's mouth. Maybe, they'll catch on with other people as well.

Speech therapy is an important service for many people, often children. If you are interested in learning other allied health opportunities, please contact us. 

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