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Circus Tricks Make Physical Therapy a Blast

Posted by Brian Spence on Feb 16, 2015 8:00:00 AM

PT, Physical Therapy, Physical Therapist, Allied Health, Healthcare StaffingA common complaint about physical therapy is that it is difficult. This is a tough complaint for therapists to overcome because the goals of most therapy are to increase your tolerance, strength and stamina. It takes a lot of hard work to see improvements in these areas and while patients who have completed physical therapy are quick to say that it is worth all the effort, it can be hard to convince new patients that the pain and challenge are a necessary part of the process.

Unconventional methods of therapy have seen a surge in popularity because they take the emphasis off the work and make the challenge fun.

A perfect example of this is a circus training gym in Atlanta called the Circus Arts Institute that has begun to offer group therapy for children as well as therapy for adults. The participants build their strength and stamina while learning exciting circus tricks on authentic circus equipment.

This unique, new form of physical therapy is especially great for pediatric forms of therapy, because a primary challenge for pediatric therapists is to hide the work of therapy inside the fun of play. Circus therapy can also improve social interaction for children who struggle in that area as well.

Hopefully programs like this can inspire therapists and parents to think outside the box when it comes to therapy goals. If you are looking for a physical therapy job or any job in the medical field, please contact us. We love helping health companies find the right employees to meet their needs.

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