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Childhood Physical Therapy Becomes Inspiration for a New Company

Posted by Brian Spence on Aug 10, 2018 8:00:00 AM

Physical TherapyScott Kim couldn't participate in Taekwondo. For a kid in South Korea, this was very unfortunate. Instead, Scott had to spend hours upon hours in rehab because he had been born with spina bifida. What was that like? Well, boring. His rehab exercises had to be repeated over and over. Plus, he didn't even know if it was helping. As a kid, this was a necessary thing he had to do. But now that Scott Kim is older, he has turned those monotonous rehab hours into an inspiration for a new business.

The Idea for a Business

Scott and his friend Hoyoung came up with an idea to gamify rehabilitation. Hoyoung also had an emotional connection to rehab because several of his family members were stroke victims and didn't know they could go to rehab and regain functions they had lost. Was an emotional connection enough to build a business? It was enough to inspire a business, but Scott admits that building a business is hard work. If he had to do it all over again, he probably would decide not to do it.

The Split in Focus

This sounds like the beginning of a business gone wrong, but actually, it was just hard to avoid distractions. Scott and Hoyoung began with the goal of gamifying rehab for stroke victims. They wanted to make a device the patients could wear that would make the therapy more fun and motivating. You can't make such things without funds, so they began to build mobile games to generate revenue.

This side project turned into something they were spending most of their time on. Having two projects instead of just one drained their resources and their energy. They were off track. However, they kept going. They got some lucky breaks, grabbed hold of them, and they also learned from their mistakes.

How it Turned Out Well in the End

The result was two products to help stroke survivors. One is for the clinicians, and the other is for home. Scott and Hoyoung's business, called NEOFECT, is currently growing and expanding into more products. They have a good team, and that helps them a lot. They are back to the original focus of making rehab fun, and the focus, which originated from a childhood spent doing boring rehab exercises, is now helping patients live a better life.

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