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Change in Organizational Culture Can Cause Problems

Posted by Brian Spence on Aug 29, 2018 8:00:00 AM

Workplace CultureProfessional consultant, Christie Lindor, shares a story about her friend who was also a consultant in a different firm. Surprisingly, her friend quits after 13 years. Christie points out that Susan didn't just quit her job; she quit her organizational culture. For Susan, the culture of her firm had changed greatly with old leadership retiring and new leaders coming in with different values.

The new values changed the firm so that Susan couldn't identify with her company anymore. Christie breaks down this trend of changed workplace culture into five parts.

  1. Misaligned Vision and Leadership. When new leadership comes in and makes business decisions that do not align with the company's values, then employees can no longer trust the leadership.

  2. Compromised Values, Beliefs, and Increased Toxicity. This can be as small as increased gossip and as big as workplace abuse. Employees who are burned out, forced to do things that don't align with their values, and not allowed to be creative thinkers will find other places to work.

  3. Lack of Connection, Appreciation, Community, and Affinity. Employees become discouraged when they are disconnected from the community. 

  4. Uncertainty During Hard Times and Massive Change. When the leadership fears for the future of the company, then naturally, the employees will also be uncertain. Employees lose faith.

  5. Organizational Structures and Processes that Create Malaise and Stagnation. An inflexible organization will lose employees because it stamps out creativity and growth. Employees get bored, time is wasted, and career growth drops. Employees do not feel like they can be heard when they want to express themselves.

Even great bosses can lose good employees. Management needs to take a step back and view the organization's big picture. Is the culture changing, and if so, is it for the better or the worse? These types of insights can help an organization maintain its vision and prevent employee turnover.

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