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Causes of Domestic Violence From a Social Worker's Perspective

Posted by Brian Spence on Nov 11, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Domestic Violence, Social Work, Behavioral HealthWe've heard it on the news, read it in newspapers and some have even witnessed it first-hand, the scourge that is domestic violence. The cases range from mild where even the couple get back together to the extreme which leads to the death of a partner. One thing that you'll never miss in such occasions, is a reason or a cause.

To stop something from happening again, you first need to know what caused it to occur in the first place. Those in the social work profession witness the results of domestic violence all-too-often from the populations that they serve. From their perspective, following is an in-depth look into some of the most common causes.

Causes of Domestic Violence

  1. Peer pressure. You would think that as an adult, one should no longer be driven by what their friends say and do, but this never changes for some people. Their friends poke fun at them for not beating up their partners and that drives them to performing this barbaric act.

  2. Feeling intimidated. Women are currently taking up some high-level roles in society and this can really intimidate their partners as they feel inferior. So, to exert their authority and power, they resort to domestic violence.

  3. The media. Since the beginning of time, women have often been portrayed as weak and always there to serve by the media. This has trickled down to our society and for that reason we see many men attacking their wives.

  4. Lack of proper repercussions for such actions. If someone believes that they will get away with something by blaming it on alcohol, stress or provocation, then they will do it. If they feel that they will not be harshly judged by the society or court with such factors involved, then what's to stop them?

  5. Cultural beliefs. In most cultures, it is ingrained in children that men are superior to women. That way, women grow up thinking that they are inferior while men grow up knowing that a woman should never outmatch him. Such beliefs are part of the reasons why women stay in abusive relationships when they can walk away any time according to the law.

  6. Mental issues. Not all of us are of sound mind and even if you are, there are some factors which might affect you mentally without noticing. This is why mental illness awareness is so important as it helps others to notice signs of domestic violence that might not be seen otherwise.

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