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Career Growth And Retention Is About Having the Right Manager

Posted by Brian Spence on Jul 19, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Career AdviceDuring the course of their career, many people change jobs several times. Some companies try to retain quality employees by offering great benefits. According to a Gallup survey, companies may be going about things in the wrong way. Instead of focusing on elaborate benefits, if they want to keep employees, companies should be spending more time finding and training quality managers since half of those who quit did so to get away from their manager. To avoid having a high employee turnover at your company, focus on finding managers who possess these four qualities:

Radical Honesty

Employees want to know that they can trust their manager to be honest with them. Part of this is about being honest with employees about how things are going with the company. If Christmas bonuses or pay raises will be nonexistent or low because the company is not doing well, the manager should let employees know that early.


Employees want to know that they are appreciated and supported, both during the good times and during the tough times. They are looking for a manager who cares about them and gets to know them as individuals.

Recognize Talent and Strengths

People want to feel like they are appreciated and like they are an important part of the company. They want to be able to use their talents and strengths to help the company. A good manager will recognize when someone has a specific skill that will benefit the company and will allow the person to use that skill effectively.


People want to know the person over them really cares. They want to know that their frustrations and challenges are not simply being brushed aside. They want someone who will listen and respond with empathy instead of ignoring their feelings. When a manager responds with empathy, the whole team can work together better.

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