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Career Boost - Finding Motivation in Mundane Tasks

Posted by Brian Spence on Jan 23, 2020 11:52:18 AM

Mundane, Career AdviceSince most people spend the majority of their lifetime employed in some way or another, they want to experience personal satisfaction while "on the job". The fact that many people want to find meaning in their employment is actually a good thing. It shows a deeper level of character and integrity, making these types of people more sought after by employers because in general, they make better employees. However, both parties (employers and employees) understand that at least some mundane tasks are innately part of almost every job. In this article, we'll look at mundane tasks from both the employer and the employee perspectives, as well as offer some tips on how to handle the more routine aspects of employment.

Employees and Mundane Tasks

In the short term, there are likely quite a few employees who can appreciate the relief that can come from performing the simple tasks required from someone in their position. Most people are very busy with family responsibilities, maintaining a home, etc. and spending a few minutes or even an hour at work performing a mundane task can actually be a time to "work under the radar" and take a moment to catch one's breath.

In some cases though, an employee might think they have a job where from beginning to end the position is nothing but the seemingly mundane. In these types of scenarios it can become more difficult to value the purpose of their position, but the value must be there otherwise their position would not exist. It is these types of positions, the positions with high levels of repetitive tasks, where employers must make the effort to show the employee their efforts are valued and that they are an important member of the team.

Employers - Making the Most of Mundane Tasks

Good managers and employers should be looking at the overall picture of the company, so the burden is on them to see the value of even the most mundane positions and convey that value to the employees. If a job is so mundane it has no value, then it simply shouldn't exist. The fact that it does, shows the manager it is worth considering how/why the position is valuable and conveying that to the employee. When managers frame the importance of even mundane jobs within the entire corporate structure and convey this information to staff, it helps employees feel better about the work they do, which in turn means they are likely to perform better at their job. To complete the circle, management and the company overall then benefit from the improved efforts of more enthusiastic employees, and likely experience lower employee turnover rates as well.

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