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Career Advice: Empathy for Those Who Get on Your Nerves

Posted by Brian Spence on Aug 1, 2018 8:00:00 AM

Empathy, Self-Improvement, Career AdviceEverybody has those coworkers that, for whatever reason, know just exactly how to get under people's skin. These sorts of fellow employees tend to make the workday and work week really long, exhausting, and irritating to those who simply want to get in, do their job, and go home.

That being said, it still pays to be the bigger person and learn to have a little empathy for such people in your working life.

I know it's not always easy being the bigger person, but there are a few ways to do this without losing your sanity.

First, realize that, for the most part, some people are probably just waking up on the wrong side of the bed and/or actually hate their job, and don't have any other options. Basically, they're just dealing as you are, only they are not dealing as well as they could be. This is where you show mercy as best as you can. You are not required to be friends with them, but you do need to play nice and get along. Don't gossip about them to other workers, as this does nothing to improve the situation. In fact, it may just make it worse.

For those who are more, shall we say, intentional about their petty or bratty behavior, and are actually trying to sabotage your work to make themselves look better, take stronger precautions. Write down the things they say to you in order to either work you up, or any threats they make. If your manager is easy to talk to about such things, bring this list up to them, and see what can be done about their behavior. A good manager will deal with the matter immediately and without bias towards you or anyone else; the goal in the end is a stable and inviting corporate culture.

Having empathy for others, especially in the workplace, isn't always an easy task. Some folks are just difficult to deal with for whatever reason. Be patient, and know that it usually isn't anything to do with you on a personal level; it's always more on them than anything else.

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