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Career Advice: Clean Up Your Social Media Footprint

Posted by Brian Spence on Jul 12, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Career AdviceHe’d had it with his boss. Every day for the last five years the jerk had made it a point to criticize his performance, despite the fact that the job always gets done—and on time at that! He just doesn’t understand that some folks do things differently.

Thank goodness he has several job applications out. He exerts a long sigh as he logs into Facebook and to begin his weekly tirade against his employer—now if someone would just call.

Many would-be job applicants are waiting for that same call, and just like our frustrated employee, they too are waiting for the call that will bring, hopefully, freedom from an uncomfortable work experience. Unfortunately, like our unhappy guy, they've left a social media footprint a mile long filled with not-so-nice sayings directed at their employer.

Social media what, you ask? Think about it. Every time you post anything on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, or Pinterest (to name a few), you leave a trail that others can follow. And if any of those postings contain anything derogatory about your employer, or perhaps are just a little (or a lot!) off-color, they will stand out like a red dot on the tip of your nose.

And many employers these days are using social media as a “pre-interview” step to cut the undesirables from their list of possible interviewees, saving them time in what is usually a long and arduous process of searching for just the right employee.

So what do you do? Take advantage of a little career advice; take the time now to clean up your footprint and, of course, seek to be more vigilant from here on out.

  • Search out all the sites where you may have signed up but don’t use anymore and delete your accounts with them.
  • Search out negative content and delete it. If you find something you can’t delete, try writing a letter to the site owner and asking them to remove it.
  • Limit access to your posts to just friends.
  • Take steps to enhance your footprint by writing blog posts and commenting regularly on industry-related sites.
  • Produce more career-relevant and positive content on your social media profiles.

By taking the time and effort to get your social media footprint heading down the right path, and making sure your future posts reflect you in a more positive light, your chances of getting an interview will increase.

For more information on this and related topics, visit the Career Advice section of our blog.


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