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Career Advice: 7 Ways to Ruin Your Career

Posted by Brian Spence on Dec 28, 2016 8:00:00 AM

CareerDo you ever wonder why your career isn't taking off?  Or maybe you can't get the promotion you have been waiting for. If so, you might be in need of some career advice to take your professional life to new heights.

Beware of these seven mistakes that could destroy your career:

  1. Bring your negativity to work. If co-workers don't enjoy working with you, chances are your career will stall.  Your performance reviews will reflect your poor attitude, which means less money and less chance of promotion.  Your bosses will dread working with you.  They may even take some of your responsibilities because they are worried about how you will interact with clients and other co-workers.  So what are you waiting for?  Change your negativity for a pleasant attitude and see how much more your bosses and co-workers will enjoy working with you.  

  2. Don't raise your personal standard. When performance reviews roll around and make you list your goals for yourself, don't just put something like "CPR class".  That is important, but your goals reflect your work ethic.  If your boss sees attainable goals that have thought and some work put into them, the chances of attaining your professional aspirations are higher.  If not, it could mean a pink slip in the future, especially if your boss is unhappy in other areas of your performance, too.

  3. Just say no to free education. Many employers will offer extra courses for you to take.  Some are on company time, and some are not.  Go the extra mile and do them!  This will show the company that you are ready to take on more responsibility, and have an eagerness to advance your skills.  This is one of the fastest ways to a promotion, but saying no to free education on the company's dime can be professional suicide.  

  4. Play the quiet game during meetings. In the work world, you must promote yourself!  You can't do that by sitting back and listening.  Playing the quiet game will only tank your professional goals.  Take charge in a meeting.  Throw out your ideas, concerns, or questions.  Whatever you do, just speak up often. 

  5. Avoid public speaking. Remember that public speaking college course you just dreaded?  Well, you probably can't escape it if you plan to advance.  Being able to give lectures, speak in front of a team, or host vendors is essential.  Not being able to speak in front of people will make you stand out, but not in a positive way.  

  6. Don't ask for raises. The longer a company can pay you a lower rate, the longer it will!  If you want to take your role to the next level, you must ask.  Learn the dynamics of your job, and detail to your bosses why you deserve the extra money and promotion.  Sell yourself as someone the company needs.  If you simply just go in and ask for more, they will probably find a reason to say no.  

  7. Skip networking. Growing your work relationships helps determine your influence on co-workers and vendors. Marketing yourself in a professional way and building friendships will help you. Without influence, you could get lost in the shuffle.  You must network even if you are an introvert.

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