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Can Laid Back People Still Struggle With Depression And Anxiety?

Posted by Brian Spence on Apr 25, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Anxiety, Depression, Menthal Health, Behavioral HealthWhen you think of a person who is anxious, what comes to mind? If you naturally think of a person that is high-strung and stressed out, that's not surprising. In general, we think of people who struggle with depression and anxiety as people who are wound up and unable to relax.

However, the truth is that anxious thoughts are not always the result of a rigid personality.

In fact, it is possible to struggle with anxiety but have a laid back personality. In some ways, a calm, reflective attitude may make a person a little more susceptible to anxiety.

This is because a person who is laid back tends to think through their emotions rather than act on them. Their desire to avoid reacting emotionally to situations means that sometimes they fail to process their emotions fully, and they try to rationalize away feelings that might be better off shared or addressed.

Sometimes people who are laid back come off so relaxed because they have actively thought through all of the possible outcomes of a situation. They are aware of the worst case scenarios and have made their peace with them. So, while nothing takes them by surprise or causes them to freak out, the constant analysis of all the "what ifs" can be a pretty tumultuous mental state.

Mental anxiety can impact people of all different kinds of temperaments. No personality type is immune from anxious thoughts. Everyone experiences some anxiety from time to time, but anxiety that feels constant or out of control can be treated by mental health specialists.

If your organization is looking for mental health specialists to add to your team of professionals, or if you are a mental health specialist looking for a new job, please contact us. We love helping talented people find rewarding jobs through our client relationships.


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