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Boost Worker Productivity Tenfold with These Tips

Posted by Brian Spence on Jun 13, 2018 8:00:00 AM

ProductivityManagers inspire their staff to perform at optimal levels. Competent, inspiring leaders encourage their employees to work hard with adoration and respect. What are the best ways that leaders can challenge their workers to deliver outstanding productivity?

The following tips will help supervisors motivate their employees to build a solid foundation for success at the office.

  1. Be authentic. Employees prefer managers that show authenticity and show their personalities. They value and trust these supervisors' openness and genuineness. You shouldn't try to impress your employees by parroting different leadership styles. Most people can sense when someone is being fake. Stay true to yourself and behave in a way that is consistent with your personal values. It will make your job enjoyable and fun. You'll also set a positive example for your employees that it's okay to be themselves.

  2. Be transparent and encourage feedback. Employers can boost their employees' performance by being transparent. This atmosphere will help employees feel free to correct mistakes and contribute their very best work. They'll feel safe to change existing concepts and improve them. Some employees are scared to admit when they've made a mistake. Show your workers that it's okay to make them by acknowledging your own errors. Being honest will promote a culture of learning at your office. 

  3. Get to know your employees. Sometimes, it's difficult for managers to keep up with their employees' personal lives. They may not know when a worker's child is sick, or if they're facing challenges. Take time to learn about your employees' lives. Spend your Monday mornings following up with them. This single action will show your workers that you care. Take your employees on regular walks to build stronger connections and communicate better with them. You'll learn what motivates each individual and discover their personal goals. When your workers realize you're concerned about them, they'll work harder for you.

  4. Recognize exceptional work performance. Managers fail to reward employees that excel at their jobs. This negligence leads to employee dissatisfaction. Workers that give an outstanding performance may feel unappreciated. They may feel ignored since they don't receive the recognition they deserve. Companies should never reward mediocrity; it sets a bad precedent. Take the time, however, to acknowledge your employees' hard work. Honoring their efforts will make them feel appreciated and valued. It will help them stay motivated. This simple act can make the difference between a happy employee and an unhappy one that leaves. It will reduce employee turnover rates.

  5. Provide technology to automate time-involved tasks. Your employees may spend time on mundane tasks that could take hours to finish. Use software to automate routine office tasks. For example, you can buy a calendar app to schedule meetings, instead of having someone do it. Conduct an audit to learn about assigned tasks, then find solutions to automate each one. Helping your workers complete tasks faster will make for happier, more productive workers.

  6. Challenge your employees to take chances. Workers determine whether they'll accept challenging projects based on their potential for success. They don't want to take on assignments where they can face censure or losing their jobs. Encourage your employees to take chances. This will help them become more autonomous and confident in their work. Embracing risk-taking will create a corporate culture where workers are innovative.

  7. Encourage employees to support your company's goals. Every company faces the challenge of keeping their employees enthusiastic about their jobs. Workers' output will increase if they believe their job is fulfilling. When a worker connects their personal identity with their duties, they'll deliver excellent results. They'll come into the office to produce the very best effort that they can give.

  8. Provide autonomy and freedom. When people believe they have to dress or act in a particular way, they cannot be authentic. Let individuals know that it's okay to be themselves at the office, and they'll be more productive. Speak to your employees and find out which assignments they enjoy. Hold conversations with employees about the type of work they'd like to do for your company. Encourage them to produce original ideas and develop for your company. Allow staff members' work to revolve around the lifestyle they want. 

  9. Challenge your workers. Your employees need guidance to show them where to apply their talents and skills. It will help workers know what they should be doing. Additionally, encourage your workers to stretch their abilities by increasing their productivity. Ask them pertinent questions. It will help them identify areas where they need to improve. Find out why they are working on a particular project. If the tasks they're completing are not the best use of their time, then find methods to speed up their performance.

  10. Hire great professionals. Only select qualified people when hiring employees for your workplace. Choose qualified people who are passionate about what they're doing. When you're familiar with every individual's strengths, you can bring out their best qualities. If a person isn't suited for a job, then cut ties.

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