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Are There Nursing Opportunities for the New Grad?

Posted by Brian Spence on May 16, 2014 4:16:00 PM

Nurse, Nursing Jobs, Nursing Grad, HealthcareThe world is experiencing a nursing shortage and at first glance it appears that this global demand for nurses would far outweigh the supply.   If that were the case, the scale would surely be tipped in favor of every new nursing grad looking for their dream job. 

Right now the opposite is true.  Nursing graduates are finding that opportunities are few and far between.

How can that be if there's a shortage of nurses?

  • The healthcare industry is in turmoil, money is tight, and cutbacks are frequent. 
  • Management has little time to train entry level candidates.  
  • Employers strive to retain their best staff and hire those that can hit the ground running.

For example, baby boomers who thought they'd retire early are working long past expectations. Their experience is highly valued and they can easily jump into a job and get right to work. Many nursing professionals who retired early are returning to the candidate pool bringing with them years of solid experience.

What does this mean for you, the brand new nursing candidate now faced with student loans and life expenses? It’s a common dilemma for new grads but not without a solution.  Jobs do exist that are not quite right for seasoned nurses but they might be right for you and a way to put your education to good use.

National Nurses Week 2014 | Employment Opportunities & Pay Are Great!

Working in temporary positions or per diem in nursing-related roles can be great ways to jump start your career. You might not be ready for that choice job on staff at your favorite hospital just yet but someday you will be.  Or you just maybe you’ll fall in love with the challenge and variety associated with being a temporary worker.

Are you willing to work off hours, non-standard jobs, and perform worthwhile, but less-than-glamorous tasks?  Can you roll up your sleeves and dig in?  If you answered yes, then you're on your way to building the resume you need to secure the future job of your dreams. 

Contact Staffing Plus to discuss nursing opportunities that could help you launch your career.

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