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Do Temporary Jobs Fit Your Lifestyle?

Posted by Brian Spence on May 14, 2014 4:50:00 PM

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Routine got you down?  Kids need you home?  Maybe you just want a part time gig that's satisfying but full-time isn't for you right now.  Whatever your reason, it's always a good one and working on temporary assignments or on a per diem basis might be just what you need.  It's freeing, flexible, and rewarding!

  • Work when you can, when you want, when you need to.
  • Work your shifts around your family obligations.
  • Prefer nights? Weekends? We've got those shifts, too.
  • Pick your place or places of work.
  • Stay current on laws, practices, methods.
  • Need to take classes? Work weekend per diem.
  • Need extra cash? Dedicated per diem workers are in demand.
  • Need variety? Temporary jobs and per diem work is full of change.

Temporary Jobs vs. Regular Employment  What's the Difference?

  • In the true sense of the word "temporary" it is exactly that. It's a position that has a beginning and a specific end with no commitment to work beyond the dates of the contract.

  • "Regular" employment means you work directly for a company or institution who supervises your work and is responsible for paying you.

  • A "temporary" job through an agency means that although you provide services or perform work for our client, you are not an employee of the client. To the company - or the client - you are a "contractor", "temp", or "per diem worker".

  • If an employer hires a worker to perform a "temporary" position and is not using the services of an agency the worker is considered a "temporary employee".

  • What does "per diem" mean? The literal translation of "per diem" is per day. In the staffing industry "per diem" may refer to a 1-day assignment or multiple-day assignment. Either way it is a temporary position.

If you are experienced at working temporary jobs or you like the sound of working in a way that fits your lifestyle contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you find a job you love.

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