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The Ongoing HR Challenge -- When Happy Isn't Enough! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted by Brian Spence on May 12, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Employee Engagement, Employee Productivity, Employee HappinessHappiness, satisfaction, and engagement -- they are all important factors that HR and Management Teams consider on a regular basis.  Or do they?  All too often, companies consider these terms to be interchangeable when in actuality they are really quite different.  An individual can be happy or satisfied without being truly "engaged” in their work or their organization.

Think about the people you have worked with over your career. Some are happy because they have an office with a window, summer hours, or maybe an onsite gym. Aside from the physical surroundings, other employees may be happy doing the absolute minimum expected of them to collect a paycheck. They might be downright ecstatic that their boss never bothers them, challenges them, or holds them accountable for anything. Afterall, nobody likes to be micromanaged right?

Because I'm Happy

Just because someone is happy - however they may define that happiness - doesn't mean they are fully engaged and working hard on behalf of the company. In fact, some of the happiest but "disengaged" people I have ever met are also the most unproductive.

So what does this look like on a daily basis within your organization? Can you tell the difference between a happy employee and a truly engaged one? Our friends at Halogen Software have made it much easier to decipher in their current infographic "The Dollars & Sense of Employee Engagement".

After review, ask yourself which one you are and which one your coworkers, teammates, or direct reports are? Then, ask yourself what you're going to do to cure your - or their - happiness?



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