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Mobile Therapists - BH Is On The Move to Provide Patient Care

Posted by Brian Spence on Mar 31, 2014 9:05:00 AM

Mobile Therapy, Mobile Therapist, Behavior Specialist MobileThe people who need therapy usually cover a wide geographic area. Today therapy can take place at a client's home, school or even where they work. It is equivalent to a time when physicians made house calls. This valuable service is made possible by a mobile therapist. It can involve a variety of different types of medical professions including social workers, family & behavioral therapists, psychologists, and more.

According to an article in Vision Magazine, “The services offered in mobile therapy include an intake, assessment, and treatment planning used to structure the sessions enabling the process to follow a plan.  After the intake is completed, sessions are recommended once a week until the treatment plan is completed.”

  • Advantages.  One of the biggest benefits to being a mobile therapist is the chance to work in a more natural setting. Clients seem to respond better to treatment in an environment where they're comfortable. This also provides the therapist with an opportunity to see how a client reacts to things in these types of settings. The only time this could be a problem is when the therapist has to work with children and the parents are disruptive or intrusive during the therapy sessions.

  • Therapeutic Services. A mobile therapist is able to provide a wide array of therapeutic services. They are able to perform an assessment that will indicate a child or a family's therapeutic needs. Important parts of the assessment will be asking questions and exchanging valuable information. This will then enable a therapist to develop an effective treatment plan. They will also be able to have all necessary family members participate in the treatment effort.

  • Additional Help. A trained mobile therapist will have the training necessary to address as well as identify issues and implement the treatment plan. They will be able to properly respond to the individualized needs of a child or family. A situation may require the involvement of additional professionals such as a social worker, psychiatrist and more. In these cases a mobile therapist will be able to determine what is needed and provide information on obtaining the additional assistance.

If you would like to know more about the importance of a Mobile Therapist, whether searching for Mobile Therapist Opportunities or seeking to staff Mobile Therapists - we can help.

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