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3 Reasons You Should Have Per Diem Direct Care Staff On Hand

Posted by Brian Spence on Mar 24, 2014 8:40:00 AM

Staffing Solutions, Per Diem, Temp Staffing, Behavioral Health For the first time in a long time, you feel comfortable about who you have on your staff of direct care workers.  You're confident in their abilities, they've received the absolute best in training, and you've seen proven success in the work they do with the families and individuals in your community. 

It certainly is a great place to be.  However, what happens when the day comes when one or more of your direct care staff can't provide coverage?

As you know, when staffing crises strike, they usually happen all at once. The problem is, you still have an agency to run, and those families and individuals who are in need of help, need that assistance immediately. 

Having direct care staff that are on call and available when you need them to fill in is a crucial part of running any behavioral health agency.

If you're not convinced, here are three good reasons why you should always have some per diem direct care workers you can call on when your agency has a staffing crisis.
  1. Reason #1: Reputation. There is a reason why your agency has built up a solid reputation within your community, and it's because you're always there to help people when they need it the most. If some of your staff is unable to perform their duties, it can really hurt your reputation if being understaffed results in poor response time from your workers, or no response at all.

  2. Reason #2: Saving yourself time. In the past, whenever one of your direct care workers had to be off, or take a leave of absence, it's possible that you were the one who had to fill in. That takes you away from your office, and away from your duties and responsibilities. It can be a real hardship for you to fill in, and the feelings you experience about your mounting pile of work back at the office is likely to be evident when you're meeting with clients. Having per diem direct care workers you can call on will save you a great deal of time, and allow you focus on your own responsibilities.

  3. Reason #3: Averting the crisis. When you have per diem direct care workers available, you will successfully avert a pending crisis for your own agency. No one will have to shuffle their clients around for the day, and your administrative staff won't have to worry about making changes in the schedule, or picking up the slack in the office while you're out seeing clients. 

If you're looking for a solution to your agency's direct care worker crisis, here at Staffing Plus, we're able to help you. We have many residential aides, behavioral health workers and direct care workers who really want to work per diem or on call hours. They're standing by, waiting to hear from you.

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