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Create the Perfect Resume (On Your iPhone) in 6 Easy Steps

Posted by Brian Spence on Mar 13, 2014 11:54:00 AM

Resume Help, Career Tips, Job Seekers, Job ApplicationI already completed an Employment Application so why do I need to create a resume as well?  While that may be one way of looking at things, maybe the more important question to ask yourself is who do you want to be in control of your future, you or a potential employer?  When you complete an application, you simply answer what is asked, but when you submit a resume, you are in control of the information you share and you decide what and how much information to highlight.

Separate, Differentiate or Eliminate?

While we may view the process of creating a resume a herculean task - and therefore avoid or postpone it - we all know in our gut that creating a resume is a necessary first step in the path to future opportunity.
  • It serves as the primary mechanism to market yourself and to separate you from the competition (maybe you list a particular hobby or community group on your resume and you just happen to share that interest with the Hiring Manager).

  • A resume precedes any face to face interaction and will differentiate you from others being considered (while all equal in education and experience, maybe you are the only one who had a particular technology skill that was not even listed in the job posting or maybe you are the only one that had no typos on your resume).

  • Is it fair to judge individuals of equal talent and education on something as basic as a typo or skill that was not even required?  Maybe not, maybe so, but right or wrong, it is these types of decisions that are used on a daily basis to eliminate otherwise capable candidates if - for no other reason - to simply have a rationale for weeding out the hundreds of applicants vying for a single position on any given day.

Creating the Resume

Now that I have your buy-in on the need for the resume, let's tackle what's really holding you back - the physical act of assembling your resume!  Given the wide array of technological advancements over the past decade, there are endless solutions to making this process much easier than in years past, even while on the go, with the use of your iPhone or iPad.  Still don't think you have time?  Just follow these steps the next time you are on the bus, watching tv, at the doctor's office, etc.  Before you know it you will have a thorough, professional, and well formatted resume ready to submit for consideration.

  1. Download Resume Mobile from the iPhone or iPade Apps Store.

  2. While there are other options, Resume Mobile has been widely recognized as the best resume preparing application within the Apps Store. It lets you have polished PDF resumes in minutes!

  3. Upon accessing the App, you will be prompted to fill in the applicable fields to build a snapshot of your background. These include all of the standard fields such as - Experience, Background, Education, Skills, References, etc. You can even add a profile picture to your resume if you'd like.

  4. When finished filling in the fields, users simply tap the "Send" button and all of the information is converted into a well formatted PDF document. You'll even have additional options to personal the resume further with different fonts, styles, and formats.

  5. If you have a LinkedIn account - which we highly recommend - you can make this process even easier by importing your existing profile data directly into this App.

  6. No more excuses with the Resume Mobile App. This simplifies the resume preparation process tremendously. Now go out and seize your future!

For those of you considering career options in the Behavioral or Allied Healthcare Field, we encourage you to visit our Talent Network Page to not only view current openings, but to sign up to receive instant notifiications when your dream role becomes available. Best wishes in your job search!

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