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Help Temp Workers Feel Part of the Team

Posted by Lauren DiChiacchio on Dec 12, 2013 4:11:00 PM

Temporary Staff, Temp Workers, Per Diem, Healthcare Staffing, Behavioral Health Staffing Temporary workers fill an invaluable need for many companies across a broad spectrum of industries. Temp workers make the holiday rush more manageable, supplement staff when the workload becomes overwhelming, or fill in when full-time employees may be out due to illness or bereavement.

Further, a study by employee staffing firm Accountemps found that 90 percent of chief financial officers (CFO) find it beneficial to use temporary workers to maintain productivity, while 89 percent feel hiring contingent staff is an effective way to evaluate prospective employees firsthand.

Unfortunately, these same individuals do not get the same warm treatment when they start or during their time at an organization.

The study presented some ideas for managers who rely on temporary staff.

Get everyone on the same page: Before the new employee starts, managers should let their team know why they are being brought on, the type of work to be performed, and how their contributions will help alleviate workloads in the department.

Set a game plan: Temporary professionals can contribute more quickly if they know what is expected of them from day one. Give clear direction, such as project details and deadlines, at the start of any assignment.

Have one contact: It's best if the manager or someone on their staff who thoroughly understands the scope of work oversees the interim professional's progress. Just as they would with a full-time employee, supervisors should establish open lines of communication to ensure a smooth project transition.

Stay in touch: Continue to check in with the temporary staff member to answer questions, provide feedback and ensure the project is on track.

Give updates: When working through a staffing firm, let the contact there know how the interim employee is performing. This will provide valuable feedback for future assignments. Also, companies should let the staffing firm know up front if they are contemplating a temp-to-hire arrangement.

In Business Statistics for Dummies, there is a chapter dedicated to making temp workers feel welcome. Some of their advice includes:

  • Match the task to the individual's skills. Give them work that taps into their experience.
  • Set out the welcome mat. Although your contingent workers are only with the business temporarily, introduce them to their coworkers.
  • Make their responsibilities clear. Know what the workers will be doing before they arrive, not after, and let them know to whom they should direct questions.
  • Prepare a workspace. Make sure that they have everything they need to perform the job.

Temporary workers may be looking for their next position and will work hard to impress you as a potential full-time hire. Even if you aren't able to take advantage of a great talent immediately, you may need them in the future or you can help open a door for them at another company. If they feel your support, their time spent at your organization can prove to be mutually beneficial.

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