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Identify Top Candidates With These 3 Question Types

Posted by Lauren DiChiacchio on Dec 4, 2013 9:30:00 AM

career, hiring, staffing servicesIf you are having trouble identifying top candidates from the pack perhaps it is your interview style.  If you are asking the same mundane questions that every company does, those questions may not be setting candidates apart from each other.  Instead of focusing on what candidates did in their previous position, you should be focusing on how they would thrive in your organization.  Ask them to solve real situational issues to determine if they are forward-thinking and are able to come up with solutions for the future. 

By steering away from the traditional questions you are forcing the candidate to focus on real problems, the current position, and your organization.  Most interviews do not allow a top candidate to show off their capabilities, ideas and innovation - all things that should make your hiring decision easier.

Here are some questions that will reveal which one of your candidates is the very best fit for your organization.

Solving Real Problems

These questions reflect the content of the position and allow the candidate to show off their skills in problem solving.

  1. How will you identify problems and opportunities on the job? Have the candidate walk you through their first couple of weeks in the new position and have them explain how they will identify the most important issues that need to be addressed.
  2. Can you identify the likely problems in this process? Provide the candidate with a page detailing an existing process that you already know has flaws and ask the candidate to identify areas where they think potential problems can occur.
  3. Solve a real problem that you will face.  Provide the candidate with a page detailing an existing problem and ask them what steps they would take in order to solve this problem.

Forward Thinking

Most likely you will need employees who are able to work in a fast paced environment, who can anticipate and plan for the future. 

  1. Forecast the evolution of this position.  Ask the candidate to forecast different ways that the position will likely change and evolve over the next three years as a result of business changes, technology changes, and a faster, more innovative environment.
  2. Forecast the evolution of this industry.  Ask the candidate to forecast trends in the industry and how the organization may change over the next three to five years as a result of these business changes, technology changes, and the need for increased speed and innovation.

Ability to Innovate, Adapt & Learn

The best hires are those who are rapid learners, who are adaptable, and who are innovative.

  1. How will you be a continuous learning expert?  Ask the candidate to explain how they will initially learn the new position and how they will continue to grow and seek out more information.
  2. How do you adapt when dramatic change is required?  Ask the candidate how they will adapt to a situation that may occur in the position.

Asking good questions is only part of the hiring process equation.  You also need to prepare a range of answers from great to weak for each question, so that you know in advance when you hear a great answer.  Preparing for an interview and knowing the type of answers you are looking to hear will help you quickly identify whether a candidate would be the right fit for your organization.  These questions also help identify whether a candidate will be forward-thinking and help provide positive solutions for your organization.  They go beyond the “please tell me about yourself” questions and get to the heart of the candidate.

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