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Top 5 Questions to ask your Healthcare Staffing Firm Recruiter

Posted by Lauren DiChiacchio on Mar 25, 2013 11:27:00 AM

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Our recruiters are often asked, “Why should I work with your firm or really with a staffing firm in general?”  The reply can be quite length and can include many pros and cons.  In order to make sure you selecting the right healthcare staffing firm for you, you should ask these five key questions:



1.)  Ask the Recruiter that is aiding you through the recruitment process how long they have been with the organization.

The response you should be looking for is longer than two years. Healthcare staffing is driven by relationships and if most of the staff has a short tenure it is likely because there is internal staff turnover.  High turnover equal weak sales, confused clients and poor consultant/professional relationships.

2.)  How long has your firm been in healthcare recruiting?

Staffing can be a revolving door and some firms jump from one market to another all the time. The tenure of a firm in one market, such as healthcare, reflects the firm’s commitment to that particular market, as well as, the ability to gain and keep client and talent relationships.

3.)  What is the firm’s specialty?  How long have they been working in healthcare?  Is healthcare their niche or a new focus?

Some firms specialize in certain industries while others follow the trends and others just look for where to make more money.  In general, it is best to find a healthcare staffing firm with direct experience in healthcare or even better to find one that specialized in what you are looking for.  These specialize organizations tend to have a better understanding of the market, the skills you possess, and where those skills can best be utilized.  The key is to focus.

For example, if you are a physical therapist, make sure that you select a staffing firm that focuses on Allied Health, because they will have the best relationships with organizations in your field.

4.)  Ask about the firm’s client base.  What type of programs do they work with and for how long have they worked with that client? 

A robust and growing staffing firm should have at least one new client per year.  This is an excellent indicator of the strength and positive reputation of the staffing firm as well as the number of opportunities that may be available to you.

5.)  Ask what can you expect once you agree to have the staffing firm represent you in the field?

You should expect to hear a clear and simple answer that includes gaining your consent “prior” to being submitted to any opportunities and your information is kept confidential until both parties agree to move forward.

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