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Best Email Etiquette Practices At Your Job

Posted by Brian Spence on Dec 2, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Professional, Career Advice, Etiquette, Business Writing, JobWhen emailing on the job, it's important to convey the right tone for the workplace. Here are the top etiquette email tips that will present your emails in the best, professional way.

  1. Have a straightforward subject line. In busy workplaces, it pays to not beat around the bush when it comes to emails. Having a clear subject headline is helpful for the receiver, especially when they are looking for particular emails with you or others.

  2. Keep the email short. Short and concise emails are great in most day-to-day tasks, as it helps keep thing efficient. Longer emails should be reserved for those times when great detail is needed on particular projects. However, be mindful of your tone when you do write short emails: sometimes, brevity can convey a sense of rudeness. Make sure that your emails still add warmth and care, even when they are short.

  3. Match the tone of the workplace and receiver. Best practice would dictate that your emails will be better received if you match the tone of the person you are communicating with. By matching their tone, you are communicating in a way that they appreciate, and showing that you can work well within the company's culture. Remember that each person might write emails differently, so be mindful of each person's preferences.

  4. Do not flag emails as urgent. Flagging an email as urgent can sometimes signal that your work is more important than someone else's. While it depends on the workplace, flagged emails don't necessarily make your email a priority. If something is urgent, try calling the person before you email them--you might find better results to getting the task done. If you do send an email, add to the headline a short note, like "time-sensitive" or "need response by 5pm." That's less annoying than a flag or an all-caps "URGENT" in the subject line. And remember, thank the person for their quick response!

Your email etiquette is an important aspect to showcasing your professionalism and communication skills. By following these email rules, you'll maintain a better work personality. For more information on this and related topics, visit the Career Advice or Productivity sections of our blog.

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