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Best Career Advice -- Choose Happiness

Posted by Brian Spence on Sep 28, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Dream Job, Career Advice, Job Search AdviceStartup Advisor, Angel Investor, and Product Executive for Uber, Frederique Dame, shares her strategy for getting where you want to be - don't worry, be happy. Growing up in France, Dame wanted to be in business, despite her dentist parents who hoped she would follow them into their practice. But they supported her desire to become an engineer and move to the United States.

She gives career advice to those who have ambitions to follow in her footsteps to fame and fortune.

It wasn't a meteoric rise to the pinnacle of Uber. Dame had her share of setbacks and disappointments. At times she was stymied, but never deterred. When I look back, the single most important factor in my success has been happiness.

  • Take chances, trust your instincts and don't panic when things go wrong. Embarking on a career path, know what your strengths are and what you have to offer. Approach job searches with an attitude of positive expectation. When situations don't pan out the way you want, keep your confidence stoked. Acknowledge the pain, but don't wallow.

    You can't control what happens; but you can control your response. Rejection is temporary and persistence is rewarded. Negative energy drains your stamina. Your happiness doesn't depend on external forces. It is rooted in who you truly are, anchored by your beliefs, your integrity, and self-assurance.

  • The only person you have to be better than . . . is you. CEOs, CFOs, etc. are people. Don't be intimidated, but realize there are things you can learn from them. There will always be somebody who has more status, money, power, or regard. If you let that bother you, you will be chronically unhappy and frustrated.

    You are unique and bring singular talents to the table. Don't hesitate to ask for what you are worth. They might say no, but they won't hold it against you.

    Build relationships. They matter. Approach everyone with kindness, enthusiasm, and generosity. Remember you are part of a team; and you want your team to win.

If you stay on this road, you’ll build the right set of skills for that next job, and the job after that. Just keep building your empire — and don’t apologize.

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