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Be Your Word - An Example of Integrity in Leadership

Posted by Brian Spence on Feb 13, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Integrity, Career Advice, LeadershipWhat is your worth? How a person answers that question gives an insight into the moral makeup of their personality. Financial success, admiration of others, physical possessions, degrees, honors, and awards are all things people strive for and others admire. But these are worthless if the person who claims them has no honor, no moral framework, honesty or integrity.

An Expert Speaks

Tech and media giant, Oleg Vishnepolsky maintains that, "Integrity is by far the most important asset of a leader."

It is an essential component in the character of a leader. A leader without integrity will lead you astray. And what is the measure of integrity? Your word. If your word can't be trusted, all of the other assets are worthless. In his article on LinkedIn he cites some examples of things people do that betray a low character: Taking credit for others' work, giving inaccurate information, gossip, manipulating people with fraudulent offers. These behaviors are corrosive, can damage professional relationships, companies and even personal lives.

You Are Your Word

Integrity is the hard currency of true leadership. The way you conduct yourself will teach other people not only how to treat you, but also how to trust you. We all know people we like, but can't trust. "Joan is nice, but she fibs a lot." "Dan is successful, but he got it by cheating." "Bill never follows through, you can't rely on him". "Cheryl takes credit when she did do the work, then blames someone else when she messes up."

Would you want any of these people as your boss? Neither would I. Whether you are following someone into battle or the boardroom, you need to know they will tell you the truth, do what they say they'll do and keep their word, no matter what. A person who is not as good as his word, it not much good at all.

One of the most famous quotes from British author C.S. Lewis is, "Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching." At Staffing Plus, you can trust a firm that exhibits integrity each day with the clients and candidates we serve.

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