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Are You Overly Obsessed With Self-Improvement?

Posted by Brian Spence on Oct 19, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Self-Improvement, Career Advice, Emotional WellbeingIt's always a good idea to stop and evaluate your life choices every once in a while. Many of us slowly sneak our way into daily desserts or end up forgetting we even have a gym membership that we're not using! But there's a line that some younger generations are crossing. This line between healthy reflection and an obsession with self-Improvement.

The Millennial generation gets a lot of heat for hurtful stereotypes such as self-absorption and an unhealthy urge to snap a constant trail of selfies.

However, Millennials are also highly educated go-getters who use creative thinking to find solutions to the world's problems. They are critical thinkers, innovators, and highly social (although mostly chatty on social media).

The downside to this education and fine tuning is that people who are Millennials are also hard-wired to achieve perfection. They receive daily advertisements of people who have the perfect home, the perfect job, the perfect marriage, and the perfect children. Along with these social connections comes overwhelming social pressure to achieve perfection. Then, when one does in fact feel like they have reached perfection, there is another post teaching them how they can be better.

The result is an entire generation that is obsessed with being better. People who think they are never thin enough, muscular enough, right enough, successful enough, or accomplished enough. Millennials today are inundated with advertisements for special health foods for their bodies and tailored workouts for their spirits. They are told to do better and to be better by every advertisement posted around them. We can see the influence of this need for perfection in the health and beauty industry. There has been a huge push in holistic workouts, natural medicines and treatments, and recyclable products.

The curse of being connected to information 24/7 is also that Millennials feel the need to make things better every second of their days. The result is an entire generation of young people who strive to change themselves before they're ever truly comfortable in their own skin.

At Staffing Plus Inc. we want to help our clients settle in for a moment. Our goal is to match you with the best positions possible so you feel at home. Contact us so we can help you focus less on self-improvement and more on self-love while you're at work.


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