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Apple Watch Bolsters Special Education

Posted by Brian Spence on Sep 30, 2015 8:00:00 AM

iWatch, Special Education, Behavioral Health, Developmentally DisabledNew technologies often leave out the portion of the population that has special needs. Advocacy groups make it their mission to petition for adaptable technology that will be accessible to people with unique physical needs, but change can take a long time.

However, Apple appears to be ahead of the accessibility curve with their release of the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch is customizable to its users. The zoom features allows people with low vision the ability to increase the font displayed on the watch surface. Siri allows information to be offered audibly instead of visually. The watch also uses swipe technology which means that people without the full use of their hands can still use the watch.

According to the EdSurge article, "How the Apple Watch Can Spark Creativity in Special-Ed Classrooms" by Courtney Pepe, students in special education classrooms showed an immediate interest in the wearable technology that provides interactive learning opportunities. Pepe recounted her experience using the watch in special education settings, saying,

"We concluded the day by using the watch with one of our most sensory classes and experimenting with the Taptic Engine setting to explore the concept of cause and effect. This taps you on the wrist when you receive an alert or notification. A student reacted swiftly to the stimulus/vibration of the Apple Watch on her wrist and responded by raising her arm."

The potential for innovation using the Apple Watch in behavioral health therapy and education is strong. If you have job openings for therapists in this field that think outside the box, please contact us. We'd love to help you find the perfect people for your organization.


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