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Annual Physical Therapy Visits Are Critical for Elderly Health

Posted by Brian Spence on Jan 12, 2018 8:00:00 AM

Physical Therapy, Elderly, PT, PTAFor elderly adults, an annual visit to a physical therapist is critical to ensuring their long-term health and physical mobility.
Dr. Anna Friedman, owner of Seattle's RET Physical Therapy Group, says that yearly PT visits can help older adults stay mobile and strong. The essential examinations reveal future issues that can limit their independence.

"We recommend that, just as with their personal physicians, people should see a physical therapist for a checkup once each year,"

Friedman said in a statement. "As a physical therapist, it's my job to ensure that this system is in optimal shape so few limitations stand in the way of a person's quality of life."

Physical therapists monitor musculoskeletal health. The body system includes the bones, joints, muscles, and connective tissues. The essential check-ups help physicians tailor treatment plans to each patient. The therapy also addresses physical and movement-related issues. Doctors identify weaknesses, defects, and musculoskeletal issues. They conduct long-term analyses to learn a person's future risk for injuries.

According to Friedman, "Movement is medicine." She believes that physical activity prevents pain, injury, and other issues. Additionally, mobility helps prevent diseases and underlying chronic conditions. Friedman says elderly people should physical therapy if they have the following issues:

  • If they are feeling pain, discomfort or strain doing a favorite activity.
  • If they want to start a new fitness, sports, or training regimen.
  • If they completed a post-surgery rehab and are trying to resume a normal life.
  • If they have had surgery or extended bed rest.

For more information, visit the Ret PT Group's website. And, if you are interested in learning more about this and related topics, visit the Healthcare section of our blog.

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