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Amazing Speech Therapy Tool Designed By High School Student

Posted by Brian Spence on May 13, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Speech Therapy, Speech Pathologist, SLP, Healthcare Staffing, SpeechMasterProPeople with speech impediments work hard with speech therapy their entire lives with varying degrees of success. Some mild impediments can be entirely overcome, while more serious issues with speech will only see degrees of improvement even with years of dedicated practice.

Daniel Floyd was a Chicago High School student who was born with an articulation disorder, and despite all his efforts at continued speech therapy he was still bullied for the way he sounded when he spoke. Although he was frustrated, he never gave up.

One day he watched the movie "The Great Debaters" and according to the Michigan Live article, "WMU Business Student Awarded Patent For Speech Aid, Motivated By Own Struggles," by Blair Yankey,

"He said his "a-ha" moment came after watching one particular scene when Denzel Washington's character had his debate team practice for their debate with a radish held in-between their teeth to promote clearer speech. This unconventional technique inspired Floyd."

Floyd had always been annoyed that there weren't more physical tools he could use to improve his speech so he designed one himself.

The final product was a plastic device that can be held between a speaker's teeth, designed a little like a whistle without an opening to blow air. Speaking around the device will strengthen facial muscles, slow the pace of speech and improve the speaker's enunciation.

Floyd designed the SpeechMasterPro in highschool but has recently been awarded a patent.

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