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One Special Social Worker

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Mental Illness Awareness Week

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Children with a Disability Can Now Have a Lookalike Doll

Adaptive Clothing for the Differently Abled at New York Fashion Week

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World Teacher's Day: October 5th, 2019

Going Back to the Womb for Your Physical Therapy

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Occupational Therapy and World War I

What's Your Management Style?

Pennsylvania Camps Focus on Behavioral Health

Life-Changing Speech Therapy: Deaf Girl Finds Voice After Surgery

Shape Your Future With the Best Career Plan

ADHD vs ASD: Knowing the Difference

How to Detect Swallowing Problems in the Elderly

Find Real Happiness at Work

How to Retain Special Education Teachers

Step Into Nordic Walking for Physical Therapy

Help! My Boss is a Natural Disaster!

Making Mental Health a Priority During Pregnancy

Tips For Daily Self-Improvement

Connecting With a Child Who Has Autism: Music Works

New Managers: Gain Trust & Respect From Staff

Early Education Suspension Leads to Future Problems

USC Chan Increases Occupational Therapy Services for the Homeless

Creative New Ways to Practice Self-Improvement

Baseball Hero Albert Pujols Shows Support for Child With Down Syndrome

3 Uncommon Reasons Why You Should See a Physical Therapist

Create a "How-to-Work With Me" Management Guide for Your Employees

Social Worker Turned Doll Maker Helps Sick Children

Michigan Program Uses Gaming to Improve Language of Teenagers with Autism

Monitoring Your Child's Mental Health

Diving Into Physical Therapy - Literally

Finding a Mentor for Career Growth

Helping Hands of Trauma-Informed Care

Speech Therapy: Detecting Speech Delay in Children

Bad Mood Meals at Burger King

Physical Therapist Salaries - How Does Your State Compare?

Finding a Hobby Can Make You Better at Your Job

Policeman Comforts Missing Autistic Man With a Hug

The Role of Empathy in Occupational Therapy

The Importance of Workplace Interpersonal Skills

Blind Contestant with Autism Stuns America's Got Talent Audience

Go-Baby-Go Makes Physical Therapy Fun for Kids

Pay Attention and Accomplish More

Behavioral Health Offers Digital Choices

Physical Therapy for Injured Dancers from Someone Who Knows

5 Ways to Defeat Procrastination

Mental Health Obstacles When Working from Home

Premature Infant with Cerebral Palsy Thrives with Physical Therapy

Artificial Intelligence on the Job - Is the Joke on Us?

SpokeIt Speech Therapy Game Engages Children in Cleft Care

Likeability Leads to Success

Teens with Autism Defy Statistics and Pursue Career Dreams

Occupational Therapy - An Alternative to Punishment

Positivity Enhances Productivity

Extraordinary Kids With Down Syndrome Rock Out to Queen

Occupational Therapists Treating Results of Excessive Screen Time

Resurrecting the Art of the Compliment

Mental Health and the Anxiety Economy

Occupational Therapy Learning That's Fun

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