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A Dentist Finds the Problem Behind a Boy's Speech Delays

Posted by Brian Spence on Nov 2, 2018 8:00:00 AM

Tongue Tied, Allied Health, Speech TherapyThe phrase "tongue-tied" isn't just an expression to mean a person is too shy or embarrassed to speak. It is also a medical condition. Dalan and Meredith Motz learned about the condition of being tongue-tied when they visited their child's dentist.

Did we say dentist?

Yes, six-year-old Mason Motz went to his pediatric dentist, Dr. Amy Luedemann-Lazar, to get some teeth pulled. While he was there, the dentist found out that Mason was tongue-tied. Mason's tongue was not completely separated from the bottom of his mouth. This condition forms in the womb, and it affects the development of other things, such as the face, nose, and the airways. Dr. Luedemann-Lazar wasn't seeing this condition for the first time. She actually specializes in treating special needs patients and children with the same condition and sees it a lot.

How did this diagnosis help Mason?

Mason also has a genetic disorder called Sotos Syndrome. His parents naturally thought that his speech delays were due to the disorder. In fact, Mason saw lots of doctors and even speech therapists in his lifetime, and none of them figured out that Mason had the tongue-tie condition. Once his dentist made the diagnosis, the treatment was easy. All it took to fix the tongue-tie was a short laser procedure. Within hours, Mason could talk in full sentences. Because his tongue could now move the way it was meant to move, he could enunciate words properly. He could say "Dad" instead of "Da." Mason's parents say that now he is doing great, building a vocabulary and talking about his day and his classes at school.

Why share this story with others?

Mason Motz is only one boy, but other children could also have tongue-tie and their doctors and speech therapists aren't finding it. Mason's parents hope their story gives other families the courage to seek second, third, or fourth opinions. It could mean the difference between being speechless or chatty. 

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