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5 Top Healthcare Staffing Trends for 2016

Posted by Brian Spence on Jan 29, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Healthcare Staffing, Staffing Plus2016 is already promising some new healthcare staffing trends, some of them great and some of them not-so-promising. As always, there's a lot to be said and done about the growing change in the healthcare system, and what that means for healthcare leaders.

Here are 5 staffing trends to be aware of through the year, according to HealthLeaders Media.

  1. Registered nurses are in demand. The number of registered nurse postings are expected to increase, as more and more nurses retire, and hospitals work with federally-mandated requirements that decrease the work hours of physicians. Nurses will be needed to help support duties that were previously the physicians.

  2. Population health development will also expand in need and scope. With technology and big data transforming healthcare reform, anyone who can translate data analysis and help patients understand their options, coverage, and other programs will be key to engagement. Population health executives and informatics specialists are key people who will see growth in this area. 

  3. Patient satisfaction will become more and more important. With healthcare reform moving to high-deductible plans, patient satisfaction will become more important to pay attention to. Clinics, hospitals, and healthcare workers should have the soft skills needed for great bedside manner and customer service to stay ahead.

  4. More technology and telecommunications in the industry. Doctors and patients have started using video conference calls, apps, and more to connect and engage, and growing technology to facilitate safe and secure conversation and confidentiality is on the way. Telehealth therefore is something to keep an eye on, with more and more physicians and patients looking for quick results without needing to come to an office.

  5. The expansion of duties in HR. Again, as more technology and data come into play, HR services will expand to accommodate and manage new roles, positions, and duties. Workplace planning will become more complex, and the best people to hire will need data analysis skills in addition to employee engagement.

Even with these trends on their way, it's important to note that the healthcare industry is still growing, with a projected 26.5% growth rate til 2022, making it one of the most robust industries compared to other sectors of the economy. To stay on the pulse on this and related news, visit the Healthcare section of our blog.


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