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5 Mental Health Techniques For A Stress-Free 2016

Posted by Brian Spence on Jan 18, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Mental Health, New Year's Resolution, Behavioral HealthMental health wellness should be a priority for all of us, especially with our busy lives and stressful, every-day events.By taking good care of our mental health, we will be more alive and energized for anything.

For a stress-free 2016, here are a few techniques that will make your calmer, focused, and happy.

  1. Start a journal. A journal is a good way to express yourself in writing, without any consequences. Your private journal is for yourself, and can allow you to be reflective and true about your feelings. You can release a lot of tension in a journal, which can be more helpful than getting angry at someone else, or unloading on someone.

  2. Pick up a hobby that only makes you feel good. It should be a hobby that's only purpose is to be calming and relaxing, such as knitting without a purpose, or putting together puzzles for the fun of it. Have it be a hobby that you like doing, with no goal in mind or for the purpose of beefing up your resume.

  3. Focus on relationships that give you strength, not the ones that drain you. Try to prioritize those relationships that are supportive and meaningful, and distance yourself from those that seem to make you feel worse or don't value you. If you do have to break up with someone or end a friendship, do it responsibility: if possible, try to have a conversation where you express your issues with the person. In addition, give yourself star, treatment: don't bring yourself down, and pamper yourself when needed.

  4. Use social media less. Becoming more disconnected online not only frees up your time (giving you less stress about staying productive) but it also frees you from the comparison game. Try using Instagram, Facebook or Twitter only once a day, or even once a week: this will definitely change your perspective on yourself and others.

  5. Complain less. Complaining can be stress-inducing itself, because the act can increase anxiety over the items you are complaining about. It also makes you unpleasant in other people's company. Instead, journal your complaints, and find an appropriate time to complain.

There is no time like the present to start freshening your perspective for your most productive self. Need some additional tips on this and related topics? If so, visit the Mental Health and Self-Improvement sections of our blog.


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