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5 Leadership Habits That Make Your Life Easier

Posted by Brian Spence on Nov 14, 2018 8:00:00 AM

Career Advice, LeadershipBeing a leader is a huge responsibility. Some days are full of stress, and you collapse into your chair and wonder how you're going to make it through the week. Take heart! Gordon Tredgold offers 5 habits you can develop to make your leadership responsibilities easier.

Take an Active Role

An engaged leader will rub off on her team. What's good about engagement? Everything! Employees who are engaged with their work will produce at a higher level, be easier to get going, and will require less management.

Practice Kindness

People like and respect those who are nice to them. Simple courtesy goes a long way to building trust and making jobs go smoother.

Show Some Interest

What are some ways a leader can show interest in the lives of their employees? It doesn't have to be complicated or invasive. It can be as simple as greeting them with a sincere "How are you today?" Asking questions and listening to their answers will show that the leader cares. This increases respect for the leader and helps everyone feel engaged and important.

Be Authentic

Authentic leadership is a grandiose label that simply means the leader is acting like himself. Leaders who act insincere will generate distrust in the team. It's easier to be your own self, so keep it simple and honest.

Take Responsibility for Mistakes

Even leaders make mistakes. Apologies go a long way to set a good example and to show a willingness to be responsible. Employees will appreciate a little humility from their higher-ups.

Do these easy, practical habits sound like something you can do? Then do them! Being a leader has enough challenges. Make your life easier by developing an atmosphere of trust and goodwill in your team.

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