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5 Job Skills Everyone Needs in 2020

Posted by Brian Spence on May 7, 2020 10:37:35 AM

Job Skills, Career Advice, Self-ImprovementThe world is changing quickly, and there are some very specific things every company is looking for in their existing employee base. Here are 5 Job Skills you need to be promotable in 2020.


Even if it looks different from the person next to you, you need to be able to create and implement an organization system. Depending on the field you're in,  it can be on a larger scale (administration, whole-office organization, etc.), or on a smaller scale (your own personal desk, computer, filing cabinet, etc).

Show that you are able to adapt to organization systems that are already in place.


Every work environment is different - systems, social structures, even job descriptions for the same job can vary from workplace to workplace. It is essential that you are willing and able to learn those new rules, procedures, and skills in order to be a viable job candidate.

Show this by staying on top of company service and offerings and being able to talk-the-talk about how your company can help others.


Along with the rest of our world, the workplace is becoming more and more technology-centric. As technology changes, you need to be able to adapt and use the technology in the workplace.

Show this by demonstrating a comprehensive technology skill set and be the go-to person on assignments needing this background..


Companies always seek employees that are committed to their mission — someone who has "bought in" to their way of life and work. They are looking for someone who will be in it for the long haul and won't be flighty or flaky.

Show this by being on time and giving them your full attention in meetings and one-on-one discussions.


As with any relationship, good employees (and good bosses!) practice excellent communication with one another. Even when some of these other skills fall short, the best thing you can do for your professional relationship is communicate.

Show this by being timely with communications related to meetings, projects, and assignments, and be honest when you can't meet a commitment or deadline.

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