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5 Career Tips to Help You Land That Next Promotion

Posted by Brian Spence on Jul 17, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Promotion, Career Tips, Career Advice, JobsHave you been angling for a promotion for a while?  Is your career lagging because you’ve been passed over several times?  Do you look at other employees who are promoted and feel like you just don’t understand why they’re getting better salaries and not you?  If you’re pretty sure that your organization has fair and just employment practices, then you may want to consider looking within.  While any number of variables can impact one's promotability within an organization - such as timing, tenure, or frequency of opportunities - read on for a few ways to improve your image at work and improve your chances of landing the next promotion.

  1. Positivity.  The most important element of being seen as a good employee is positivity.  If you often have a smile on your face, rarely complain or criticize and try to see the positive aspect of any situation, people are going to like you.  This is true in your personal as well as your professional life.  At work, especially, many people feel like they’re stuck in their jobs and unhappy.  And this attitude can show on their faces.  They’re often angry, scowling, unkept (because they can’t be bothered) and rarely finish their jobs on time.  Think about whether you’re a positive person.  If not, what can you do to introduce more positivity into your life?

  2. Punctuality.  Different organizations have different ideas about punctuality.  At some places, it’s ok if you waltz in half an hour late.  At other places, your boss is likely to give you a stern look when this happens.  You need to figure out what your organization expects and give it to them.  This might seem like a small thing but the small things add up in the long run.

  3. Fresh Ideas.  If you’re working as part of a team, you must be having meetings on a regular basis.  Do you tend to sit through these meetings mutely, barely listening to what anyone is saying or do you actually pay attention and contribute when necessary?  If you have some good ideas that you think will be useful to the company, why not tell your superiors about them?  However, be ready to put these ideas into action if your gamble pays off.

  4. Friendliness.  You may not think there’s any need to be friendly with people at work.  After all, they’re colleagues, not friends.  However, these are people you spend 40 or more hours a week with, which is much more than you’re likely to spend with your real friends.  So why not be friendly with them as well?  Everyone appreciates a smile.  Everyone appreciates it when you ask them how their loved ones are doing or how their hobbies are coming along.  People are hungry for attention.  So the friendlier you are, the more people are likely to listen to you too.  And this will eventually help you to be seen as a leader in the workplace.

  5. Sharing Credit.  We’ve all heard stories of the terrible colleague or boss who took all the credit for your work.  Isn’t that the last person you want to become?  And yet, when it comes to sharing credit for our work, most of us tend to get quite stingy.  We want to impress the higher ups too.  So we rarely refer to the effort put in by our teams.  Instead, share credit as liberally as you can and you’ll find that people will do the same for you, making you look better in the long run.  Generosity of spirit can help you get that promotion you want.

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