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4 Valentine's Day Speech Therapy Ideas

Posted by Brian Spence on Feb 13, 2017 11:41:19 AM

Speech Therapy, SLP, Allied HealthIf you are not willing to get creative, speech therapy can get a little repetitive for the children as well as the teacher. With Valentine's Day upon us, there are at least four ways you can make speech therapy more enjoyable for students.

Matching Game

Cut out several hearts. Write out compound words on them, making sure each half of the heart has one part of the word. Cut the hearts in half. Have the children connect the two parts together, creating a word. Have the children read the words to you as they match the two heart halves.

Candy Venn Diagram

Bring two different kinds of Valentine's Day candy, and have the child compare and contrast the candy before eating it. While you can have the child write down the similarities and differences in an actual Venn Diagram, it is important to have the child explain what is the same and what is different using full sentences. After the child has finished comparing and contrasting, allow the child to eat the candy. The same activity can also be done with Valentine's Day flowers, but most children will probably prefer using candy and getting to eat it at the end.

Play Dough Story Time

Encourage the child to use play dough to create Valentine's Day shapes, such as hearts, balloons, or flowers. You can bring along cookie cutters or create cut-outs to help the child create the desired shape. Have the child explain what he or she is making, using full sentences. If the child needs to practice a specific sound, come up with a shape that starts with that letter, and have the child use that word in a sentence.

Candy Hearts Letters

Write individual letters on the back side of candy hearts using a permanent marker, and have the child build words with those letters. Then have the child read the words to you. You can individualize the activity by including letters that specific child needs to work on. After the activity, have some unmarked candy hearts for the child to eat. If you want to keep all the candy hearts edible, you could also use an edible marker, rather than a permanent marker, to create the letters. As an alternative, instead of candy hearts, make paper hearts, each with a letter on them.

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