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4 Tips for Teaching Special Education Online

Posted by Brian Spence on Aug 18, 2020 12:12:29 PM

Special Education, Behavioral HealthTeaching special students in a physical classroom can be a daunting task. It can even be more so when you have to conduct classes virtually since you are not directly responsible for how they behave and conduct themselves. However, teachers can always adopt some effective teaching strategies to facilitate the learning process. Here we highlight the top four tips;

  • Work with predictable schedules
  • Leverage curriculum and tools
  • Use an individualized education plan
  • Use a single platform

Work with a predictable schedule

Sticking to a routine can go a long way in creating a mindset and a sense of responsibility in your students. For instance, let your classes begin at a defined time, and if possible, ensure they start and end at the same time every day. Essentially, it is important to treat online classes the same you would for a physical learning environment, which includes the time they get ready for the class or end lessons.

Leverage curriculum and tools

For sure, technology is indispensable in online learning. Teachers and parents as well have to integrate modern technology to ensure learning is successful. Platforms such as Lexia Core5 and Lexia PowerUp Literacy come in handy in helping students improve in key cognitive areas such as reading, writing, word study, and grammar comprehension.

Use an individualized education plan

Every student has unique special needs that require a tailored plan so that they can be fully addressed. Teachers ought to work with personalized plans that seek to enhance teaching, as a lack thereof could render online classes non-effective. By understanding the best approach for every student, you can be sure to experience fewer challenges along the way.

Use a single platform

Using a single platform to teach online classes helps to integrate learning materials in a centralized location. For instance, Google Classroom is an ideal platform since it contains all the necessary resources and materials. Even better, teachers can add relevant content therein to enrich what is already there.

Special education students require specialized care to ensure they learn just as effectively as other students. With these actionable tips, teachers can make it easy and even fun to engage special children virtually.

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