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4 Motivating Steps For Self-Improvement

Posted by Brian Spence on Aug 3, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Motivation, Self-Improvement, ProductivityMomentum--this single concept is at the core of self-improvement. Maintaining a state of movement can help you finally leave the past in the past and move towards a more positive and fulfilling future. But how can you keep your momentum up to meet your important goals?

Here are 4 steps that will allow you to focus on self-improvement, achievement, and actualization.

  1. Set your goals. Your goals can be big or small, but you should set them nonetheless. Make your goals visible in your home or re-visit them routinely in a journal, on your computer, or in a notebook. By seeing your goals laid out in front of you, you'll be more mindful of your commitment to self-improvement.

  2. Keep up the pace. Momentum is all about movement, so working towards something steadily is key. Don't pressure yourself to meet a goal in a strict timeframe: a fast pace or high expectations can make burnout inevitable. Even marathon runners take a rest day as an important part of their training schedule. Therefore, try to pace yourself and slow down when necessary. You'll get farther along with your goals before you know it.

  3. Find new ways to stay motivated. Many people use the reward/incentive method to stay motivated, but that can quickly become less rewarding over time. Instead, you should try to different methods to keep up the momentum. One method is to list the reasons why you want to accomplish a goal. If your goal is to "be less judgemental" ask yourself, "why is this goal important? what are some immediate or long-term results that come from this goal?" Viewing your goals this way can make it easier to stay motivated intrinsically, as you'll reap greater benefits than a one-time reward.

  4. Hold yourself accountable, but let go of mistakes and regret. If you fail at something or make mistakes, it's important to acknowledge them and learn from them. Reflecting on these moments can help you become a better person who can weather other hardships down the road. At the same time, let go of small regrets. Remember, forgiveness and moving on is key, and you don't want to waste your mental energy on small things with little or short-term consequence.

With these four steps, you can maintain greater momentum for achieving your goals and develop a better sense of self and awareness. To learn more about this and related topics, visit the Self-Improvement and Productivity sections of our blog.

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