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4 Lies You Hear When Pursuing Your Dream Career

Posted by Brian Spence on May 18, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Career, Job, Talent Network, Healthcare StaffingAre you at a crossroads on your career path? Have you decided to make the leap and follow your dreams? If so, you've likely encountered some resistance. The kind of resistance that comes when you decide to make any major change in your life. Your parents, spouse, friends, and even children can start to become uncomfortable with your decision and will begin their campaign to convince you to stay within comfortable boundaries. So what are their most convincing arguments?

Let's debunk them . . . one lie at a time.

  1. You Won't Have Job Security. Hate to burst your bubble, but job security is a myth. No matter what field you're in, there is always a risk of someone filing bankruptcy, closing the doors, dying or firing you. Even if you're great at your job, you have no control. It's better to pursue something you love and find fulfillment in your career.

  2. It's Not the Right Time. There will never be a perfect time. There is always a situation that could be improved. You could have more money in the bank. You could be younger. You could be more educated. Create a solid plan and jump. If you find yourself waiting too long, your dream could slip right through your fingers before you even know what happened!

  3. It's All a Game of Chance. Sure, sometimes, some people fall into the "right place, right time" category, but you know what sets the successful apart? Work. If you're willing to put in the hours, you can achieve almost anything.

  4. It's Irresponsible to Chase Your Dreams. See #1. If you don't create a life you love, who will? What's irresponsible is to remain unsatisfied to appease other people -- to never use the talents and gifts you have to make the world a better place.

Don't let those around you dictate the life you will live. Staffing Plus can help you find the right future job opportunity for you.  A year from now, you'll be glad you didn't listen!

Interested in learning more about this and related topics? Visit the Career or Job Search Advice of our blog.  

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